Major Changes

What can I say? It’s been way too long since I published any kind of posts but I think I should try and reinvent this and get back to where I was then!

Cannot believe its been 18 months since my last post! But what an 18 months.

The Curvy Girl Household has gone through some major upheavals but to put them all in one post would possibly leave you all mind boggled. I’ve not really been out and about for a while buying clothes or treating myself to anything as my mood and self confidence kind of fell through the floor. Not long after my last post things at home took a really bad turn. Mr CG has vacated the household and left behind some scars both physical and mental ones but I will take time out to follow that one up in due course, but on the plus side as the Mr left I was able to adopt a new ‘baby’ by which I mean a new friend for my little man Jesse Pinknose. I now also have Luna Lu.

I’ve also gone through a number of differences one way or another, building up my strength to get through the problems with the ex Mr whilst learning to rely on myself and discovering who my real friends are or aren’t depending on the circumstances. Over the last 18 months I’ve definitely grown and I’ve come to understand that perhaps I am using my size as a barrier to hide behind rather than embracing it again. When I initially started this blog I was attempting to empower women to embrace their curves as well as the extras we had been given without worrying what others thought, same I wasn’t listening to myself. Given all that has gone on of late I’ve decided that maybe if my experiences of life, clothes shopping, job hunting and the emotional upheaval left behind by someone else can give just a small glimmer of light to one person then surely I will have achieved something?!

CG has continued to grow on Facebook despite the little time I’ve been putting in but what with losing my Macbook (there’s a story here), learning new skills etc it’s been a struggle.  CG is on instagram, facebook and Twitter and I guess it’s time to embrace snapchat but I’m not sure how much of a following that may obtain so I might leave that for now. It’s all very much up in the air so perhaps I should sleep on things tonight and start tomorrow with the stories of the last 18 months then I can really ‘move forward’ and get rebuilding myself again! I’ve discovered that vlogging (video blogging) is a possibly new route to take but I’m not quite sure I’m built for camera so I may play that by ear and see where we end up…

For those who have previously followed me and those I may now attract I do hope I don’t bore you and would love to hear from you if you have a spare few minutes. I’m not a complete techno phobe but I’m not a baby anymore so somethings I can be a bit slow to work out!

Still, let me leave you tonight with a glimpse at the 2 furries. They totally adore one another and I can’t say I blame them they are brilliant company!

image1 (5)

Jesse and Luna cuddled up on a ‘radiator bed’ that’s actually found its way onto the end of my bed as they don’t like the radiators. Luna is a troublemaker and a complete handful but Jesse is so much more laid back…

Here’s a more recent picture of me. Taken towards the end of last year as I have started to go back blonde again, but you will see me as I was then… image1 (6)

I think I took the picture on the right as I had been struggling to find a decent pair of jeans that fit, these ones are South Denim Jeans which I think I got through but I can’t remember! Never understood why my necklace continually got stuck like that but clearly it does.

Any way, G’night for now my lovelies and I hope to be able to blog again this week with more updates.

For now though, big kisses.


xXx xXx



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