Winter Is Coming!


Well here we go again, it’s been another long time since I wrote a blog but SO much has happened I’ve hit the floor running quite literally. I’ve had the injections in my back which resolved nothing and I’ve had my leg done which has resolved (for now) the recurring problems with the veins in my leg making it swell randomly. I’ve not lost any more weight unfortunately but I think I need to press myself a bit harder on that score in terms of toning and doing more exercise, so I have to take some responsibility there, but I’ve started to make other changes such as back to the grind of the daily working schedule and an increase in social life activities.  I kind of stopped socialising so much because I would cringe about going to places wearing big clothes or feeling out of place because I couldn’t stand due to the pain in my back or dance for that matter! BUT This is because I know people were looking at me thinking it’s because of my size rather than the fact I simply have a physical problem! It’s kind of frustrating actually.

It’s been a struggle with the summer and trying to look nice during those HOT summer’s days we were having, am sure you will remember!? Sleeping with windows open and fans on full that’s of course if you actually managed to get sleep. I got by wearing some short sleeved tops and wraps or short sleeve cardigans to hide my arms but was this my own mind making me feel the need to cover up? Of course close friends were telling me I looked ‘fine’ or ‘great’ but they are good friends so they will tell me that won’t they?! Having good friends makes things so much better I know I can talk to them about anything and they will be honest with me but given a conversation about image it can be a bit hazy. I’ve noticed that although I might be more comfortable than I’ve ever been about my size and shape some of my friends can find it something they will choose to avoid mainly because THEY are uncomfortable with it. I don’t think it’s intentional, in fact I would go as far as saying they possibly don’t even realise.

I’ve also had a bit of an image transformation. I’m no longer a blonde, I’m a red head!! I was getting bored of being blonde. I’ve been blonde since I was about 16 years old and whilst blondes may have more fun a red head turns the heads 😉 so here goes….

Before & After

Before & After

As you can see the red works really well with my Joe Brown Collection top from Fashion World!! I still get comments about that and my Claire Richards Kimono whenever I wear it. It’s awesome! I love receiving compliments especially being a size 18. It’s still not huge I know but unfortunately with the media the way it is this size is not accepted!! It does make me feel sad knowing that though as I do feel like I will never be accepted unless I conform to society and how a woman should fit the mould built up already, sad but true. I will never be able to change this by myself and the whole time the media is against what is beautiful and continually makes people feel bad about how they look this just won’t change. In my opinion being “plus-size”, “curvy”, “fat” or any other name you can think of for not being the average size 12, makes you different and that’s fine with some but others like to point differences out, make it an issue to bully people about. It’s just slightly warped. With enough hatred in the world already this should be the last thing on people’s minds! One day maybe.

Another big development in the Curvy Girl household we have a new member! Nope, not a baby, well not a human baby. We have a kitten! Welcome Baby Jesse Pinknose (The Mr is a Breaking Bad fan and Jesse has a pink nose). He’s incredibly cute and loves a photo so I will only share these couple of them with you otherwise this post is going to be ridiculously long!!

Little Jesse Pinknose

Little Jesse Pinknose

Jesse posing.

Jesse posing.

Our little dude

Our little dude

He is completely spoiled rotten, has his own routine and runs riot in the place but we love him all the same! He keeps us both on our toes and we do have some fun playing games with him, whether it’s flicking paper across the room or having him run through tunnels. The best part is night time though. He knows it’s bed time when we turn the lights off and he runs into the bedroom to wait. He then plays for about half an hour, by play I mean be naughty clawing or jumping on the bed before he settles into his bed under the window, which consists of a duvet cover and a vest top of mine! He’s crazy but such a little character.

Anyway, I’ve noticed the massive shift in weather so I’ve had to review the wardrobe again! The ONLY good thing about winter is that I can get away with layering up, chunky knits and tracksuit where I need to, BUT I’ve got no boots! I struggle to find boots that fit my chunky legs without making me look chunkier or just to do up. Even ankle boots are a nightmare to locate with chunky legs. I’m not an UGG boot fan they just don’t work in the winter or when they get wet, they also look pretty awful at times as well. It’s actually pretty dire. I’ve searched the internet for all kinds of reviews, tips and advice but I’ve not found anything!! It’s so frustrating! I don’t want to spend out ridiculous money on a pair of knee highs just because I have to get a wider pair knowing that I will want new ones again next year, a style change or they will wear out! I mean I know women tend to spend a lot on clothes and shoes etc but I don’t like to be ripped off! In fact would rather have more choices than spend silly money on one item unless it’s a special occasion. Boots I know will carry me through the winter but sure the choices are to be made with the best for me in mind not the people making them. I know New look have some new designs in so maybe I will check them out over the next week or so. I was lucky to have located some Rocket Dog ones earlier this year, but they were ankle boots, with zips and studs so as you can imagine they aren’t quite the up to date style so I need to replace those. I didn’t pay too much for them as I was lucky in TK Maxx one day.

I’ve been looking at the new collections on the plus sized websites and I’ve got to say I’m loving the new collections! Nothing is looking frumpy or like tents. I’m quite excited about the winter collections actually!

The joy of being a plus sized girl in this world needs a new spin of light on it. The Curvy Girl light I’m beginning to think! We need more positive role models. More Plus size availability and a much better description than PLUS SIZE!


Love to you all.

CG xx


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