Life Goes On Regardless Of What Is Thrown At You

Okay so things have been beyond hectic and beyond frustrating and spiteful. I’m slightly concerned at present that my disgusting family may have discovered my blog and are following my life events on here so it’s likely I will either need to move my site to something else or be less personal. The problem with a blog is that it needs to be personal to remain a sort of thing people want to read…. So what do I do?!

I managed to burn my hand this evening so it’s a bit sore as I sit here typing this current update. I won’t go into too much detail about what’s happened, but needless to say it’s not been pretty. A lot of accusations have been flying around with comments made that have no background support and some mud slinging which is just pathetic, unfortunately that’s my ‘family’ for you. I have a dead beat uncle with 2 sons, 1 who thinks he is the mutt’s nuts when in actual fact he is just a jumped up nothing who will hopefully soon meet his match that will knock him down to his real level. The other son doesn’t really need mentioning his life revolves around football, his mouth gets laity but only because he has daddy to back him up. The Uncle wouldn’t know a hard day’s work and makes the families on Benefits Street look like hard workers, trust me!! How he gets by I will never know, actually I do but perhaps that’s one I should leave for now. The Aunt married to this Uncle, doesn’t work either, she sort of potters about not doing too much she has an excuse in that she has quite a serious injury although technically she could quite easily work some kind of office job I just think they like the cushy life they have handed to them! I had to call them the other day to ‘sort this out’ after I posted something about them bullying me and not having the balls to contact me despite giving them my number. I was annoyed when I called and the Aunt had the cheek to call me ‘darling’ and the Uncle wanted to call me ‘mate’. He brought things up from 3 years ago when I went out on NYE with the other Aunt I was close to at the time for an Indian and he seemed put out that I’d done that! Well, given that she made an effort to want to go out and not tell me how to run my life, or  judge my every move it’s hardly shocking I tended to bond with her more than him. I’ve never been a football fan so the things I have in common with this group is pretty minimal. I’ve always wanted to work with people and given that is what I’m doing I don’t quite grasp why they all of a sudden feel the need to put me down. Especially when the Aunt’s family cannot stand my Uncle’s family (also mine) for heaps of reasons. However; this is completely allowed! This has become a problem because one of the boys was sleeping with his girlfriend BEFORE she was 16 years old. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a teenager and I was a bit older before I went that far, but needless to say that this hasn’t gone down very well…. They say the truth hurts and I’m guessing it really has. I mean when looking at this it seems like a jealousy thing, but had this Uncle perhaps made more effort perhaps I may have tried a bit harder to make more time for him, I mean at one point I did for the Aunt (my dad’s sister) and the other Uncle (my dad’s OTHER brother) so I’m sure I could have made time for him had I not felt odd about it….


This particular group have been send pretty spiteful things to me, like being alone in life, little more than a druggie or suffering with psychological issues, and that I have no friends in my life.  Wouldn’t mind but given that the Uncle also sent the Mr disturbing messages accusing me of having a fling in Turkey before getting my boobs out in Croydon. Funniest part of that is that I only really went to Croydon immediately after work which normally meant my car was there, or on the rare occasion I was with my cousins! How wrong can some people be. There’s little point in correcting their bad information it’s futile, they have already made up their minds so I think I will crack on with what I know I have, I mean I have a lot of friends to play catch up with, we are all out Friday night for another spiritual healing, plus in a couple of week we are heading for some private land with a cabin for some away time which is going to be amazing! I will definitely get some photo’s.

The Mr currently has the desire to purchase a drone, this is a flying camera which can be controlled via an iPad or phone. Well, today I managed to treat us both to a 4G iPad Air which was a nice little bonus, but I guess hard work pays off huh? Still nice to be rewarded for good work! The Mr is hard at work with the website stuff and the brochures so America is definitely a possibility this year! I swear if we make it to Vegas I’m hitting the cheesy chapel for a wedding just to have a story to tell hehehehe.

I been wearing some new clothes to work this week, lots of bright colours, especially pinks and purples, it’s amazing how much a colour can change your mood as well as others?! I heard somewhere that wearing red can be a bad thing as it seems to put people in a  bit of an odd mood, luckily I think red isn’t my colour! I’m getting the barnet sorted on Friday which is awesome. It’s been a while since I had it done, but I don’t mind, it’s a treat now to have it done! With the fact I now go to a clean salon and my hair is so much nicer I’m pleased with the choice I made to visit this lady, she is pretty bloody brilliant.




Since seeing this image every time I see my friends we call each other awesome. I have a variety of friends, all of different shapes and sizes and our images never come into our friendship ever. We are who we are and we don’t judge, I know that I can contact anyone of my small group of friends and they will be there for me, what else do I need in life? Yes I’ve had a bad time with my family, but most people have stories about their families and as the saying goes, you can’t pick your family, but I’m just pleased my choices in friends is up there as amazing, because I am very, VERY lucky to have the friends in my life that I do. I’ve had to make choices in life that others may never have to make ever, I’m stronger than I was a week ago and I have my friends to remind me of that! My psychic circle has given me confidence lately to get me through, I keep being told I have a gift in terms of psychic abilities, some might say that makes me crazy but I just absorb what I see. I can read tarot cards, angel cards and oracle cards and I’m now trying to learn about palm reading. Palm reading is based more around science and what you can see in the lines of the hands, the shape of the hands that kind of thing it’s a constant learning curve I am told but we shall see how far I can go with that one….

In the mean time my lovelies, I hope you are all well and are enjoying my ongoing posts.

Curvy girl xXx



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