A Quick Note

Evening! I thought I would post a quick post tonight as the weather here has been amazing and I’ve just had to go out there with everyone and enjoy the fresh air. It’s done wonders for my mood. It’s been a random, hectic few days and I will post a fuller post tomorrow as I’ve yet to embark on my week long photo challenge of  taking pictures of me each day wearing various outfits, it’s harder than you think… What with the new glorious weather, my skin has decided to not play ball and wants to have a huge break out and I’m certain you don’t want to hear about that.

I’ve been out shopping and enjoying the company of friends as well as trying out new outfits to match this weather so I have a quite a lot to post about. Been watching quite a few movies actually, a couple of oldies like The Sixth Sense which has managed to make me cry, TWICE! It’s a bit of a weird one actually it’s only as you get older that you can truly fully understand some of the other meanings well placed throughout the movie. I’ve been caching out a few websites for some spring clothes as I think I need a few new outfits but not gotten around to finalising orders, but George @ Asda seems to be the place to be for a few of those ‘everyday, wash n wear’ things if you know what I mean?

I watched a film last night, One Day with Anne Hathaway and it was certainly a weird one. But one saying stuck with me which I posted last night but it’s “Whatever happens tomorrow, doesn’t matter. We’ve always had today”. We take so many things for granted that we tend to forget the smaller everyday things, I know I’ve been doing it lately. So I will be sure to hug the Mr that extra bit more tonight, for who knows what tomorrow will bring?! Contemplation is certainly high on my mind this week, but I promise a much more lighter approach to the world in tomorrow’s post.

So I guess for now, thanks for reading me and taking the time to do so. I really appreciate it. CG xXx

Love it! <3 x

Love it!


One thought on “A Quick Note

  1. Hello
    Im loving your posts.
    It is sometimes sooo hard being a curvy girl. I got completly fed up with the lack of anything attractive being available that I was inspired to start up my own shop. That was in 2002 and now we have three. Things have improved for us curvy girls the choice out there has grown and I think attitudes have improved. However its still really difficult to persuade top designers to create for us.
    Anyway keep writting and if you arecever near a Beige do pop in and say hello
    Love to all us gals
    Leanda xxx


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