Models, Magazines, Products And Confidence

Evening. Firstly let me apologise for the delay in posting! I’ve been caught up with a few things, mainly a run in with some GP receptionists, anyone know of a GOOD receptionist? I think the ones at my particular surgery could win an award though, I nickname them the pittbulls!

Anyway, let’s progress on to something more positive. I have been following quite a few people on twitter and Facebook with the result that I get some awesome type about offers coming up or dresses my fellow plus size girls have worn and rated. Now, there’s this one dress I’d really dismissed out of the window when I saw it, as you can guess it was modelled on a size 10-12 figure which means I know that it will look nothing like that on my more rounded and fuller figure! So I was happy to discover  this one particular outfit was advertised elsewhere. Let me show you what I mean….

Red Dress

Red Dress


I wasn’t really sure about this dress, I’ve been really trying to change my ‘style’ in clothes and get a bit more involved with my beauty regime, make up and dress styles… Well, of course that means absorbing reviews from other people and this dress came up. It’s a bit costly for someone currently having to save for a wedding and this particular model is not great in selling this dress to me as a plus size dress. This dress is being sold specifically to the plus size market but this isn’t selling it to me… however…

Same dress, different model

Same dress, different model

Now I’m even more likely to stretch my minimal budget to buy this dress!! How much more appealing is this dress with this model? This model is stunning! She is fuller figured, curves in the right place and best of all I can now see what this dress is going to look like on someone of similar stature! Call me stupid but surely this kind of selling would be more beneficial? You have a plus size catalogue selling plus size clothing so the majority of the customers are likely to be at the mid range of the sizes they offer, so why are they using models to portray and sell the outfits on the smallest sized models possible? It makes no sense whatsoever. When I reviewed the items for fashion world, I chose the white Claire Richards dress for a couple of reasons. A. She’s modelling the item so I can see what it’s going to look like on the fuller figure. B. The dress wasn’t black. C. The dress wasn’t completely sleeveless and D. The item was reasonable in its length.  I can’t grasp why this is not more established!! Seriously, I’m not going to sell a plus size catalogue to a girl who is a dress size 10-12, chances are she can walk in to any store in town and buy whatever she wants, no fuss no problems. Even primark and Matalan! It’s so annoying.

I’ve also been on a mission to find a plus size magazine, I mean a proper plus size magazine. You know what I mean, one that tells me the best places to buy tights, best place to visit online for tips on what styles suit my shape, more information about the shape I actually am with the best in season styles and what suits me best as a pear shaped lady! I’m talking colours aside from black or white. The best place to buy  decent cheap everyday kind of lingerie as well as the sexy stuff my partner and I might get some use out of. A place where I can get discount codes to buy things I might like, tips on make up and how best to hide certain contours on my face! I need to find someone that would be interested in featuring in a magazine! I have been looking at a couple of online ‘plus size’ magazines but I want a printed copy. I want to feel confident in walking into a store and buying that kind of magazine. I mean there’s a magazine for health issues, weight watchers, slimming world, fashion and make up, spirituality, cookery, photography practically everything so where is the one for me? Where’s the magazine for me a plus sized girl. Okay so it may not be well sought after to start wit but with more and more plus size bloggers appearing online, more fashion places selling plus sizes it’s only a matter of time until a magazine can hit the shelves interviewing exiting fuller figured women like Beth Ditton, Dawn French, Claire Richards and Gemma Collins! I’m not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle but some of us, no matter what we try will never be a smaller build and I’ve come to accept it. I can only be the best person I am and that’s ME. I can’t be anyone else. IF you don’t like me you have the option to look and walk away but most of all please say nothing for I’ve heard it all before.

Perhaps my mood has changed over the last few days I don’t know but my confidence needs to come back and I don’t know how to get it back. I’ve tried looking at some new clothes and decided I might do a bit of a mini challenge over the next few days. I’ve sort of taken this from someone I have recently started following, chatter monkey. She is another plus sized lady trying to get by. I’m going to do something similar. I’m going to get myself dressed up and take a picture of myself, both of my face and full length just to get a better idea of myself, of my style. If I can encourage just one other person to be a bit more positive about themselves each month I’ve achieved something, or even once a week!

I just need to get my opinions out there and I think it’s going to take more time then I am currently putting in, it’s going to take more thinking outside the box and definitely more outside my comfort zone. I have a lot happening in my life this year and I need to dig deep to find the strength to carry me forward.

Digging deep tonight, listening to a bit of Celine Dion to get me through and inspire me. I need a few more plus size mantra’s! hehehe.

Curvy Goddess Mantra!

Curvy Goddess Mantra!

Signing off for tonight with the aim to be back tomorrow with something inspiring!

Love to all those reading me. CG xxx


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