Too Many Choices

It’s been a long time since I went out on the town owing to my back and leg issues, so today is exciting but daunting. I was having a go at trying to see what would look best on me… So I will show you the choices I have to date…

Firstly, the faced shot. I went for some dark eyes with plumped up hair. I spent some time on my make up but I guess today will be a quick easy to apply run.

Me and my make up.

Me and my make up.

I brought a Remington hot brush which is meant to create volume to the hair with minimal effort, which I admit that it does. It’s easy to use and a joy to work with. I can get that ‘just been to the hairdressers’ look without paying for it! Love that. I’ve been trying to build up my followers and get people replying to me but it hasn’t been easy to do so. I’m building up slowly so I shouldn’t complain I think I would just love a bit of interaction with my followers.

Anyway, I tried on three different outfits last night and they are as the attached pictures 🙂

Claire Richards Dress & Shoes :)

Claire Richards Dress & Shoes 🙂

Yours clothing Black dress and kimono by CR

Yours clothing Black dress and kimono by CR

Long black dress










I tried to get them lined up but formatting issues have prevented that!! Anyway, I love the white dress but some how it doesn’t feel dressy enough, then there’s the shorted black one, by short I mean it is shorter at the front and long at the back, unfortunately this one means that my legs are on show but my left leg is very swollen and misshaped so it looks a bit odd, then the longer dress just doesn’t seem to fit right. I’m so stuck for choices. It’s odd, normally I just drag something out of my wardrobe but since I started this blog I have been a bit more aware of how I dress and what I look like.. It’s not an issue really but I guess I just don’t want to be thought of as the big girl tonight! 

I won’t post too many personal pictures of tonight’s shindig but I will show you a picture of my final look when I am all set to go. I enjoy blogging about being a plus size girl and was recently contacted via my Facebook curvy girl page about a new range designed by a girl who has a fuller a figure – definitely something I’m going to be looking into and trying out if the prices are reasonable. I was shopping in New Look yesterday, for shoes but ended up leaving with a bag and a top on sale (possibly the thing I will be wearing tonight!) and I’m delighted by the fit as well as the cost. New Look was never really on my radar, bearing in mind it’s normally for young girls and I’m hardly that at 30 years old.

Since updating my facial look with a fringe my entire face has changed and I’ve been filled with enthusiasm of trying new things out. I’m looking forward to trying g out the new no7 cream I got as well, it’s meant to create the radiant look my skin seems to have been lacking in, is that a water issue? I know I hardly drink much so I think it might have something to do with it. I’m glad the Mr is coming tonight as well as we need some new pictures of us together but we will see how willing he is later on.. I’m not planning to have too much to drink, maybe a couple of glasses but we will see, I know what I’m like! Mind you, the birthday girl is not really feeling up to it as she was out on it last night as well!

Still, I have nails to paint, dinner to cook and a bath to squeeze in before drinks tonight. So for now I bid you a very happy Saturday evening!

Love Curvy Keeley xx




3 thoughts on “Too Many Choices

    • thank you, I was going to wear the second outfit but unfortunately my leg looked worse yesterday. I’m gutted though as ALL the girl wore dresses except me 😦
      Yes, I have superficial phlebitis in my leg but it’s quite an extreme case, as it stands my left leg is currently 4-5cm bigger than the other one, so it’s not pretty! It also makes me very self conscious as well so avoided it. x


      • Not sure what the doctor said it is due to, but it is a blood flow issue and could be connected to your grain intake.

        I am no doctor and the worst vice is advice, but check out this to make a change and then buy a big bag of oranges and eat one before each meal.

        The Linus Pauling Institute at the University of Oregon says blood issues is due to a lack of vitamin C. Use to look this up.

        Hope I can provide a benefit. Change does not happen overnight but it will in a short time.

        Clifford Mitchem
        Advocare Distributor
        Nutrition + Fitness = Health


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