New Dress, New Choices, New Style.

Well, firstly apologies for the delay between posts the Mr has been switching the technology over so I now have a much lighter  machine to blog from. So much has been happening I have no idea where to even begin. I’m grateful for the growing followers I have obtained on both twitter and Facebook as well as the views I’m getting on my blog. I decided to enter myself for blog of the week via go after having a mini atwitter conversation with them they would like to feature me.. I’ve also received the other dress I wanted, the Claire Richards one. I was a bit disheartened about it at first when most people I spoke to said when they saw the dress on Claire Richards they thought it made her look quite heavy! Hearing those words as a plus size girl is NOT encouraging! Anyway, the dress arrived and I just had to have a go at trying it on… So here’s me in it….

Claire Richards Dress from fashion world.

Claire Richards Dress from fashion world.

Now, I’ve pointed out before I do have fairly chunky legs, even for a plus size girl, but my left leg (I hid it for the pic) is significantly swollen so I hid it for the photos on this occasion. It’s very different style of dress for me namely because it is not predominantly black but this one isn’t a maxi dress either. I absolutely love it. I don’t feel very confident in it at the moment but I think it’s because I am self conscious about my legs, however the material is amazing, the fit is perfect and I feel feminine in it. There’s a slight problem with the right top half of the dress which I will fix with a couple of stitches in it when I can but otherwise it is a great little dress. I’m grateful to fashion world for this opportunity as this was a lovely dress, I still find them a bit expensive for what it is you actually get but I like them. The customer service needs improving in my opinion but this dress and the kimono have been awesome little bargains I managed to get hold of. I’ve got my friend’s birthday this weekend and I’m stuck between the choice of this and the black dress I got from yours clothing so some input from someone would be ideal! Anyone fancy giving me their honest opinion? Here’s the other outfit…

Dress and kimono combo.

Dress and kimono combo.

This dress was a complete bargain at just £12 from Yours Clothing so I want to show it off, I want to show them both off to be honest but I don’t know what is best suited for a bar/club night this weekend… They are both dresses so I’m going to feel a bit odd whatever I end up deciding upon for the evening as my normal choice of pretty top and trousers is off for the evening. I will post a pic of the ‘finished’ result once Saturday has arrived! In the meantime I do still think that I’d love some comments or feedback about what dress I should wear.

I’m still loving the yours clothing website find, they were super quick to deliver the item, even though it was a simple basic order and so far leaving feedback has been great, the item itself was lovely and most of the items on the site are remarkably well priced. I’m pleased to have found the site, I just haven’t found much else in terms of things to try, yet. But in fairness I haven’t actually done much in the way of looking, mainly because need to watch funds for the moment. I’ve need to change my style for a while, having recently entered my 30’s, the Mr would like to see me in something other than black trousers or dark jeans, and well, I need a huge confidence boost and if going a bit feminine is the way forward then let’s do it. I recently fell across the designs by Scarlett & Jo featured by Evans Clothing but I haven’t had the money to buy one yet but there is one I’m dying to find out and try. I’ve read a few blogs featuring the designer and I’ve seen lots of plus size women actually wearing the designs which immediately draws me to them. I like to be able to see what clothes are going to look like on my frame and not on the frame of someone that is 3 sizes smaller than me. What’s the point otherwise? I mean it wouldn’t work the other way would it? Could you see a size 10-12 girl purchasing clothing modelled on a size 18 model would you? Seriously.

I’m all for showing positive body image, having seen the most recent issue of Reveal magazine where they are recommending the new raspberry ketone vitamins the world has gone crazy for. I’ve tweeted them a couple of times this week about doing a feature issue on plus size but I’ve yet to receive a response to that. Perhaps they feel it would promote a negative body image rather than allowing us plus size people to find our voices and find features about what it’s like to face the daily life of being plus sized. The daily life of being bullied by those we meet who think we have eaten our way to this persona or the judging of those that think being bigger means I lack feelings so they can comment on how I look in a dress or heaven forbid in a shorter skirt. Let alone in lingerie for the Mr. I’m allowed to feel sexy when I dress up for my man and I don’t really mind what others may say, as long as I tick his boxes does it really matter? I’ve yet to find a decent lingerie supplier for the plus size figure. Ann Summers do a few pieces but they are quite selective. I still find this unacceptable. I do feel like there is a massive market here to be tapped in to  and I’d love to feel and be encouraged in to taking that forward if I could but at the moment I’m not in a position to take it and run with it. A plus size magazine focusing on things like the upcoming beauty pageants, the best places to shop, features including discounts like bridal magazines, tips on what to wear with maxi dresses, how to hide our scary bits not features on how to drop a dress size in 3 weeks or fat bootcamps it’s disheartening. I’m not sure I feel up to purchasing the magazine anymore as it is becoming a bit of a morale killer for me. Constant updates on cosmetic surgery for celebrities who look beautiful without the surgery it’s horrifying. So disappointing.

Still for now it’s all about keeping a positive attitude…. So until next time. Much love CG. xx

Marilyn was a size 14. x

Marilyn was a size 14. x



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