New Clothes, New Hair, New Me?

AMAZING. Today has been a really, really good day. Firstly,  I was woken to a delivery from yours clothing which was the dress I ordered late on Saturday Evening. I was so beyond impressed I have been left speechless about it! I ordered from this website for the first time and having to pay for the delivery which I’m told normally takes 3-5 working days I wasn’t expecting it until perhaps Wednesday, instead it came today. The packaging was awesome. I loved the design of the packaging, it was clear what it was and I was able to get super excited knowing what was in the parcel. It gets better though, I have a 10% voucher code for my 2nd order and I will definitely be using that! It was the first time in using the site so I was very apprehensive about sizes, delivery and quality, plus having little knowledge of the company made me hesitate but the dress I ordered was too good an opportunity to miss! I’m so glad I didn’t miss out… Here’s a picture of me in the dress… Excuse my arms but I just wanted to get a shot of the dress…

Black dress from

Black dress from

You can see in this picture my body shape and understand now why I am plus size. I was really impressed with the sizing of the dress, it is not clingy and fits beautifully. The front of the dress actually sits on the knee with the back of it dropping to about mid-calf, you can’t see that though because I am wearing black tights. Now, I am wearing black tights because I have a bad leg, it’s actually 4-5 cm bigger than the other, it is being sorted. Just thought I would fill you in with a slight background. Anyway, I am going to jazz the dress up a bit with my Claire Richard’s kimono, some funky jewellery and my hair puffed up, bouffant style. I will b sure to take a pic of the final moment, but for now here’s the half way photo.

Dress and kimono combo.

Dress and kimono combo.

What do you think? I thought the kimono would add a different dynamic to the dress and I’m thinking some funky jewellery will help me stand out a little bit. I can’t wear heels a. because I can’t walk in them and b. My back won’t handle it! Shopping online has definitely proved to be the way to go on this occasion.

In addition to everything else that’s been going on, I went and had my hair cut over the weekend. I was contemplating getting it cut shorter because I was bored with it being long instead I had a fringe cut in with my colour being topped up! I was a very blonde young lady last year but I have been fading it out for a while as the up keep of being blonde is a logistical nightmare. Whilst at the salon however, I did note there were a few women there complaining about being overweight and wanting to go on a diet when it’s clear they are only a size 10-12, I just kept quiet at the point because quite clearly she has no clue what it’s like to maintain a personality and a body! My excuse is that my personality is so big that my body needs to be this size to store it. Don’t get me wrong, we all have problems or concerns with our bodies but when I was looking at this particular young lady I was concerned she felt that way about herself, imagine if she was a size 16! She would have been having a break down about it! It saddens me it really does. I have my own problems at the moment, my leg swelling is increasingly noticeable but I have to crack on with it, I have issues with my back (all this since I had a bad fall) so exercising can be tough but I’m trying my best to watch what I am eating to avoid becoming unhealthy. I’m an advocate for the plus size  figure as long as health is maintained also!

I’ve been working hard on trying to get y Curvy Girl page ‘liked’ on Facebook and myself noticed on twitter and although it’s slow and a lot of hard work, I think it’s slowly working so I am feeling elated. I like that I am able to share my opinions with people, even if you aren’t commenting I am hoping that these posts are being read! It’s hard being a plus size girl in a world that is completely obsessed with image. I am me and the sooner people see me for who I am rather that what I am I will feel much happier. It’s a hard one though, ever seen the film Pitch Perfect? There’s a girl in it and she introduces herself as ‘Fat Amy’ and even says that she calls herself that so that others don’t offend her when they call her it. She turns out to be a remarkable little character in the movie, in a good way! I kind of really like the movie but that’s our little secret 😉

Been looking out for some cute little wedges actually, seen a couple online at Fashion world but shoe shopping online is a whole different ball game! I’ve taken to shopping for most things online because I hate going into stores facing those sales assistants and being judged, I’m worried I might turn into a recluse at this rate. I have to snap out of this mood that’s for sure. I need to regain my confidence but how do I do that without going against everything I am fighting for?

I’m slowly trying to make changes but it’s growing harder! I’m enjoying the freedom blogging gives me, the freedom to be opinionated where I can without recriminations! I have heard back from Fashion World regarding my dress so I’m hoping it will be here before the weekend so I will have a choice of outfits before my friend’s birthday meal! Would be nice to not be hiding in the background of photo’s this time around. I thought I would also show you some pictures of me before and after hair cuts.

Before & After Hair Cut Images.

Before & After Hair Cut Images.

This is me. This is the shots as I described. The after shot was taken in the evening so the colours were slightly off mainly due to lighting issues, I love my new hair cut, makes me feel different although I do feel like I can hide much better. As I look at the photos of me above in the dress I do feel a bit heavy and I need to sort that feeling out, but at the same time the Mr was sitting down when he took the photos so I might not look quite so heavy if he were to be standing! I will aim for better shots this weekend… 

I fully recommend as a source for plus size clothing. The sale items were brilliant and I am amazed by the service I’ve received so far, even with the option to pay using paypal made me feel better about purchasing items especially from a company I had very little knowledge of. I didn’t feel ripped off and I’m looking forward to my next full browse on their website for a few more goodies possibly for more casual wear this time!

In the meantime, I hope to receive my fashion world dress for reviewing but tomorrow is Tuesday so definitely self esteem day ahead there!! I shall keep you posted with what I discover this week!

Love for now. CG. xXx


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