Just A Quick One… A Longer One To Follow Soon..

Okay, so after all my moaning I went ahead and ordered a top from the Claire Richards range on Fashion World. I’m still not impressed about the cost of it but it arrived and I must say I am suitably impressed. It’s really different to my usual black and white choices, you know the safe colours. Anyway, it arrived really quickly which is always great, drawback is it arrived with enough junk mail to see me through to 2015 but the top was beautiful. I noticed that the Kimono was a popular choice this year and I wanted to just dabble in the range, the top is lovely and silky and I think I may have ordered the wrong size, it’s a bit bigger than I might like… But aside from that I can’t fault the top. It’s absolutely beautiful. I think the only way it could have been any better would have been to have her name printed on it (I’m a huge fan of hers) or for her to allow me a free trial of her new clothes range (I can die happy now knowing I tried although I admit I could try harder to ask for that trial lol). So big shout here! Claire Richards, please allow me to review your clothing range 🙂

I just wanted to share with you the pictures of me in the top to be honest. I’ve been honoured to learn that Claire actually retweeted my post to her from this afternoon and have managed to get a couple more followers.. No bad thing in that! I’m so delighted with this top words cannot describe it completely. However one small gripe. My top arrived with a small rip so it’s being swapped for a new one but that proved a nightmare! I called Fashion World Customer Services only to be repeated to a few times because they had no idea I had told them the same thing already. Anyway, there was a huge problem with re-ordering a replacement because my account details were updated badly from my previous order so as a result this order was delayed they refused to explain to me why I couldn’t order the replacement until tomorrow, discovered a loop hole in that system though and expect my replacement within 3 days… So what to order next is my next idea. So tonight it’s browsing more of the range (perhaps ordering) and some more investigating the clothing ranges currently available for us plus size people…

in the meantime here’s a couple of pictures of the item on me and of the retweet 🙂 I promise to post a proper blog posting tomorrow. Much love for now. CG. xXx xXxImageImageImageImage


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