Confidence Problems

Evening. So today the Mr and I went shopping and I have a mini incident where a small group of girls bumped into me and they told me to “watch where you’re going fat bitch”. I can’t help but feel honoured that they shared the same oxygen as me. What makes people so nasty? At the end of the day I might be fat, I can change that but a personality of ‘bitch level DEFCON’ you cannot! Inevitably it’s that type of girl that was popular at school and continues to be for a short while until her friends see through all that, grow a pair and make new nicer friends! 

Anyway, I went into a couple of stores looking for a dress as I want to model a few shorter things as it’s not something I’ve done before but more plus women are doing it so I thought I would too! I had an accident just over a year ago now which has messed my legs up badly and left them bruised and misshaped but maybe people will not notice that? Unless there is some amazing cream out there that can help make the skin firmer in those areas? A good cream. We didn’t buy much and I couldn’t really find anything I wanted so I purchased a dress on ebay, which if doesn’t work out I can just re list the item and sell on.. However I did by a hair heat brush roller that gives your hair volume, I hasten to add that this is an amazing product and I am over the moon with it, but I did ask my other half for some pics and I attach a couple for you all to see what I look like, including an almost full length shot! 

I still avoid mirrors except of my face as I don’t like to see what I look like so I need a massive self image overhaul. Anyone know a decent self confidence boosting technique or practitioner that can assist me with this? It’s a hue deal going into stores still, knowing the assistants are possibly eyeing me up wondering what I will try to purchase and whether it will actually fit me. I felt that today in Dorothy Perkins, it’s so not the place to be but I really hate shopping online because I can’t see or feel the item I am buying. I need a fashionable store like Primark to stock bigger clothes and staff members of plus size to help those in a situation like me. Anyway, the Starbucks we shared more than made up for the experience in Dorothy Perkins! 

I’m logging off now but here are a couple of pics my partner took which I think are quite nice, despite being told that the white balance is off?! Ah well… signing off for now CG xxImage


6 thoughts on “Confidence Problems

  1. Doing my blog has been a huge confidence boost for me, showing how I choose to dress and having received some lovely compliments has encouraged me to experiment more and be a bit more daring. I think you look fab, you have a beautiful smile and as you say, girls like that are just nasty. I’ve had all sorts shouted at me and felt really singled out until I heard from friends who had similar comments about them regarding their height, dress sense and hair colour so it seems people will just find the easy option when they want to be a bitch. Try to remember that they are the unhappy ones, the best way to say F you to them is to walk talk and be confident, they don’t know how to cope with it! lol xx


    • I think in its own little way I think mine is proving to be a little bit of an outlet. I’m able to ramble on foe ages about things that annoy me, but at the same time remaining focused in trying to establish whether or not there is a genuine issue like this in the UK and if I’m the only one falling victim to the drama, which I doubt very much!
      Thank you very much for the lovely comments about looking fab and saying about my smile. There’s no bigger compliment and I’m grateful.
      I will see if I can remember that I can always change my weight issue but they will never change their attitudes and i guess it’s thanks to them I am where I am now. Would I be here now blogging if that wasn’t what the problem was? I guess I need to remember comments like this when I am out and confronted by biggots huh? Being singled out can be a good thing I guess no matter what we think or feel at the time they make us stronger in the long run. xx


  2. People are so mean! Don’t even worry about them, I know it’s easier sad then done! I actually pity them for being so shallow that saying these things makes them feel better about themselves. In the end it’s not up to those random people on the street to tell you how you should see yourself. Try thinking about the positive things that your body does or can do, or repeating positive affirmations in the mirror (so confronting at first, but it works!). Think of a line of thought you can keep in the back of your mind to repeat to yourself when these situations do happen, because unfortunately society won’t change overnight. So so many other women all over the world go through this same situation every day, it’s so sad but I hope some of this helps 🙂


    • I think everybody has a mean bone in their body some choose to exercise them others don’t, in this case I found that these few were the ones exercising their bones! It’s all about positive thinking and I was told that when you get to your thirties you tend to stop worrying what people think of you and I think I am slowly getting there. I don’t need the world to tell me I’m gorgeous, I’m not. I might be passable but I have a man who loves me for who I am not what I am so what does anything matter?
      My point in all of this is that I just wish people would see me for me rather than the size 18-20 person I am on the outside. The power of positive thinking is a massive one and as a believer in that it’s time I started utilising it! 😀 Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment though I truly appreciate it! x


  3. First of all, you are absolutely gorgeous.
    Second of all, in my experience, it’s the girls and women that make the snarkiest comments. A couple of times that other people had made me feel so badly were 1) I ordered something in the mail for a charity event,. By the day of the event, the package had still not come and I had to run in and out of regular sized boutiques trying something to fit. I was really in a scramble and a girl getting sized in her sized 4 dress said to the salesperson: Why doesn’t she just go to a plus size store?” I’m sorry, but that was so cruel when I was already feeling down,

    There have been other incidents, but just recently, I wrote a post on the Duck Dynasty guy who spouted racial and honophobic rhetoric. I wrote that he was cartoonish because of his views. I got several replies awarded to my weight. Such as: Have you looked in the mirror, maam? You’re hardly the thinnest.

    It made no sense at all to attack my weight, when we were talking about something so different.

    Oh well….sorry, but some people are just plain mean!


    • Hi there,
      What an honour! Thank you for taking a look at my blog, I’m delighted you stopped by and left me a message. I read through some of your posts and found them quite original so I’m so pleased you stopped by mine. Thank you for thinking I’m gorgeous what a lovely compliment. Women tend to be the nastiest of the people but some men have a bitch streak and can be equally as nasty. I’m saddened to read that you had an experience quite like that. How awful, I bet you thought that the world was going to swallow you? Did you make it to the event and did you get a hefty compensation from the failed delivery?
      I’ve written it loads of times, if you don’t like what you see, don’t look. If you don’t like what I say, don’t listen. I can change how I look but with a personality like that i pray that your kids never go through their lives living it like me listening to nastiness like you are currently spouting, from a mouth your mother should have washed out years ago! We live and learn from our experiences and if a small group of us can make changes then that’s all we can hope for!


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