Reality Check

So today is Tuesday, I know right, but thought I’d start with something obvious, anyway, to me Tuesday is magazine day! I usually purchase Reveal and Closer, mainly because they are the cheaper ones but also because it reminds me my life doesn’t suck as much as I believe it to! To purchase said magazines I therefore had to go into the town centre to get them, which found me out in the pouring rain, with wind speeds to challenge even the tallest wind turbines! Yet, I still felt compelled to subject myself to the drivel published and purchased by people like myself.

As I flicked through the pages I noticed the pages were filled with images of women struggling to stay slim for the media pages for fear of flashing a bit of leg with cellulite or to inform the journalist their dress size is actually a 14 not 12. Reading about these “celebrities”, and I use the term loosely here, who are struggling to pay their bills and are facing bankruptcy for the third time, to another on Instagram showing a loved up “celeb” on holiday is hardly entertainment! So I ask myself, why am I not reading an inspirational story about a woman who has decided to accept the fact she will be a size 16 no matter how much she diets, and has decided to create a magazine sharing the best places to purchase plus size clothes without the bitchy size 8 sales assistants. I know I would buy it! I’m not after a magazine filled with adverts, gosh I’d be bored after page 4 of where I can buy things online, but more stories about the best shoes to flatter wide feet, the best plus sized jeans for a girl with chunky thighs with pictures of size 18 models wearing those clothes, not the size 12 version.

I’d also like to read more day to day stuff about a girl that confronted her tormentors at school, you know the one where the girl was bullied for years at school only to go on and become the CEO of Instagram or the new faze “flappy bird”. That is inspiration at its best that’s for sure. We all lead tough lives there’s no denying that but to read a celebrity having money troubles is laughable! Until you’ve had to go a week living on the basic range of bread and beans with only the choice of water to drink then I might be interested in reading it!

Jumping towards the back of the magazine I’m confronted with images of celebrities and the clothes they have worn and people who would like to purchase these. That’s great I’m a huge advocate for high street clothes ranges, just ones that cater for me would be great too! I can buy clothes in places like Dorothy Perkins or good old Asda but they aren’t always the height of fashion and the looks you get from the staff quite often speaks for itself. I’m told that to call someone fat is the ultimate in nasty yet it seems to be the first insult from a persons mouth when they are embroiled in some kind of incident. So how does one go about changing the worlds perception of the full figured body? I’d love to give it a shot but a. I don’t have the kind of money it might take, and b. I don’t know enough people who might want to take this kind of challenge on! I totally respect that some people do not find the fuller figure attractive, yet saying that there are a lot of people out there that don’t find the smaller figures attractive either.

Please do not think I am advocating an unhealthy life-style, I’m not, all I’m saying is that the fuller figure needs to be accepted and embraced. Having visited my local town today I felt self conscious walking down the street in my dark blue jeans, grey jacket and blue top, is it me being paranoid or do I just stand out because I am bigger built than the majority of those in the town. However, I also noticed that the only store I could shop in was Evans and it was the one you might normally find connected to Burton or something. Here with have a couple of issues, a it’s so out of place the store doesn’t even warrant it’s own space but a shared one, and b it’s actually the only store stocking clothes ranges for the plus size figure. In my particular town there is a New Look, which is limited in its stock, an M&S which incidentally is a bit too old fashioned for my liking even with sponsors recently like Danni Minogue and Lisa Snowdon. It also has a House of Fraser but that particular store scares me because all the women in there are either very orange or just really snooty. Am I just not finding the right places to shop in or is this a general consensus?

I’m discovering that I need to shop online more often and I don’t really enjoy that. The idea that it arrives and doesn’t fit, the hassle of returning it and waiting for a refund. Not even that but what if the item is rubbish, material isn’t what you’d hoped or the item is faulty. It’s hassle. Why can’t I be treated like other smaller people? Why can’t my shopping experience be the same as those of other people, smaller people? I understand that being bigger means people often stare but there is always a story behind everything, again I will come back to personalities another time. Not every person with a fuller figure has a history, some simply like eating and drinking others do have a story to tell. I feel persecuted as a plus size person and I hate being referred to as plus sized, like really hate it. Hate having to contact stores to find out if they have a stock size for me, for example wedding dress shopping is hard and whilst some or the assistants have been great in accepting my shape and size… Others are really quite, well, nasty.

Anyway, back to reality. Shopping is a difficult thing and not knowing where I can go is a tough one and the idea of a magazine aimed at fuller figured women would be amazing. However, I’m sure someone might find fault in that, but given that there are loads of magazines about diets and fitness why not one for the curvier body. Curve Couture could be quite nice couldn’t it? Just with hints about places where good service is great, reviews about best boots for those with chunky calfs. I personally cover up because I always feel like people are judging me. It this year is about change. I’m going to do my own research and log in on here for now. I will try a couple of Gemma Collins items, Claire Richards items and any suggestions that might come my way. I’ve just been told that ASOS Curve caters for the curvier woman but disappointment comes in that they are small models showing the clothes off… How can I tell what they will look like on my size 18 frame when the model is a mere size 10-12?

Many questions but so few answers… The quest for the fuller figure recognition continues…

Signing off…. CG xx

Food for thought...

Food for thought…


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